10 minutes with Yoze Torres, creator of uYuni


14 JUNE 2019

Define uYuni in five words

Trolley with built-in scooter or in two words "Scooter suitcase".

Short-term uYuni plans.

We have upgraded the drawer design to a `Diamond` version which modernizes it aesthetically. On the other hand we have increased the absorption to the asphalt of the wheel to roll better on bike lanes in particular. The idea is to always be ahead, to arrive earlier, to skip queues.

uYuni's long-term plans.

It is not normal nowadays that frequent travelers suffer the same situations as tourists. uYuni allows you to skip the taxi queue, go through the security control without taking your laptop out of your suitcase, take advantage of the waiting time by shopping while skating, etc. We continue to work for this user.

Weapons against the competition.

We want to continue to be close to the frequent traveler to provide more solutions, our promise is Productivity, optimizing time. We travel as much as we can and more to give the highest level of experience. We analyze the trip door to door, from the moment you pack your suitcase at home until you drop it off at your destination. This makes us strong in understanding the true value and understanding where the true sense of consumer satisfaction lies by leveraging the time on the trip.

The keys to uYuni's success

I would definitely say that the uYuni consumer is very proud to own an uYuni. He is the first ambassador, he knows he is different. He likes to recommend it when he is approached and asked about it. We also have a very cool ambassador plan that works, you can see it on the website and basically it is a discount plan for those who come to ask you about your uYuni to buy it. On the other hand, you have other benefits.

How do you see the current Spanish business situation?

I lived 4 years in England, setting up a company there takes you no more than a week and few financial resources. In Spain, starting a business is bureaucratically complex and expensive. I think we should promote entrepreneurship more, the talent in our country is undeniable and the socio-cultural situation is ideal.

Do you prefer an entrepreneurial project or a traditional company?

I enjoy building businesses and brands, I am passionate about analyzing projects, identifying the opportunity and building a business model based on it. uYuni is a transgressive entrepreneurial project and at the same time I am in another traditional business project.

What does an entrepreneur need besides illusion and money?

Good question! To really want it. To be convinced and be aware that you have to make mistakes to find the right path. Stubbornness is not a good advisor in entrepreneurial projects.

A special moment in your business career?

It is difficult to talk about one, I think I have many small moments rather than one big one. The responsibility I felt mentoring other entrepreneurs is special, you want to give them the best of your career in a very short time.

How do you make a company last over time?

I guess by being very conscious of the risk factor. I am particularly risky in the business model but very conservative in financial control.

A reference in the business world

All those who changed the rules. Sometimes we call them visionaries but I think they are simple and risky people who continued to explore an idea without fear. Uber is the transportation company with the largest fleet of cars in the world without owning a single vehicle. Airbnb the same in beds; Facebook or Instagram are the new communication platforms for brands and people. Netflix, Alibaba... but also El Corte Inglés, Red Bull...

Historical reference.

Christopher Columbus, a crazy Italian who had to emigrate to get his idea financed. He persevered and continued without fear.

An ideal hotel to close a business deal.

Soho House.

A restaurant


An emerging country/city

Africa as the immediate future and Asia as a great paradigm shift in economic models, especially China, with global ambitions.

In your opinion, who moves the world?

Those who step out of their comfort zone.

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