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Say goodbye to conventional suitcases and get on uYuni, the suitcase that carries you. uYuni is a cabin suitcase that has been integrated with a scooter, designed to save 2/3 of the time you waste on your way with a regular suitcase. It's agile, comfortable, helpful and fun. With uYuni you feel that you have wheels instead of feet. Don't waste time, get into.

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Can scooter luggage uYuni be used as a normal cabin suitcase?

Yes, the scooter luggage uYuni is accepted as cabin suitcase. You just have to close the deck by pulling the ring and you will have a normal cabin trolley bag with a size accepted as cabin luggage in any airline.

Can children use the scooter luggage uYuni?

Yes, the handlebar has two different positions or heights between which you can choose. The shorter height position leaves the handlebar at 86 cm from the floor.

How much can you fit into an uYuni scooter luggage?

uYuni gives you more room for your items than you would expect from a scooter suitcase, exactly 26 liters (5.7192 UK gal, 6.86847 US gal).

Is uYuni a light scooter luggage?

Yes, it weighs only 4,6 kg (10.14 lbs).

Can I return the uYuni scooter luggage?

Yes, you have 14-day free return no questions asked. You just need to contact us by email to the following email address: [email protected], follow our shipping instructions, which will be free for you, and once we can verify the uYuni scooter luggage in our warehouse, the full refund will be paid within the next 14 business days.

Does uYuni scooter luggage give a 2-year warranty?

Yes, the two-year period starts from the day you received the product, if you have any question about it you can contact us by email to the following email address: [email protected]

Is the shipping of uYuni scooter suitcase really free?

Yes, our delivery will be fast and free on all orders placed at our shop.

If you have any question about it, you can contact us by email to the following email address: [email protected].

Is uYuny an electric scooter luggage?

No. uYuni is foot powered only.

Can you roll it without it having to be a scooter?

Yes, the uYuni is a very nice premium suitcase, but conventional until you unfold the aluminum deck, and now you have your uYuni scooter suitcase at its highest potential.

Where can you use uYuni?

uYuni can be used outside the airport as any other regular scooter. You can use to move in the city through a cycle path or paved road, of course we do not recommend it in stony or rocky ways but there are a lot of people that use the uYuni as form of transportation to work every day. The most important thing is to compliance with the local rules of the road.

Is safe scooter luggage even if I am not a particularly skilled person?

Yes, scooter luggage uYuni is ideal for everyone. It is easy to maintain balance because the turns are limited to your movements and at maximum angles of 30 degrees. It has a pedal in the back so you can brake before obstacles and a safe at the bottom of the handlebar so that it does not lower if by an improbable error you press the blue button while driving.

What is the weight and height limit for an adult to ride this premium scooter luggage?

uYuni can hold up to 115 kg (253,532 lbs), including both the weight of the luggage and the person.

There is not a height limit, the handlebar has two different positions or two heights between which you can choose. The position that leaves a longer handlebar can be suitable for almost every adult, the handle bar is at 0,96 cm from the floor at this position.

Are there different uYuni models?

No, there are no other colors or sizes. uYuni is a unique model, a scooter suitcase with standard cabin bag measurements in black color and designed to add fun to your trips while saving you 70% of your time on the go.

Is the uYuni scooter suitcase waterproof?

Yes, the uYuni suitcase is waterproof, even its zippers are waterproof. So, you should not worry if the rain catches you off guard.

Can the suitcase be detached from the scooter?

uYuni was born 6 years ago with the idea of making a premium product, and we are convinced that an integrated scooter luggage is the best way to achieve it, since it helps us to have a more solid structure but at the same time lighter, it creates more interior space, and makes it more durable and easier to maneuver.

Does the uYuni scooter suitcase have a special compartment to carry my computer?

uYuni has compartments designed so that you can take your computer and personal objects perfectly separated and organized. This is especially useful because it allows you to remove your computer at airport security controls without opening the suitcase completely.

What are my payment and financing options to buy a scooter suitcase?

uYuni offers several different secure payment options online. So, in addition to major credit and debit cards, certain payment options as Paypal and Bizum are available.

uYuni also offers special financing offers.

We'll show you which payment methods and financing options are available to you on the checkout page.

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